Metal Stud Fire Walls

Why do we allow a wall to be classified as firewalls when it is significantly different from the tested configuration? Typical, Metal Stud Assembly Description "1-1/4 in. wide by min 3-5/8 in. deep fabricated from min 0.020 in. (25-gauge) thick galv steel, attached to floor and ceiling with fasteners spaced 24 in. OC max." (With 5/8 Type X gypsum wallboard both sides etc.)   At the 1800-degree temperature attained during ASTM-E119, Thermal Expansion causes metal stud to expand 1/4 inch per...

Access to Roof

In a 24 story R-2 (apartment) building in California, permitted under the 2001 CBC, we have a landscaped roof terrace that can hold an occupancy load of 190 persons.  It is furnished for parties with barbecues, chairs and tables.  We...

Need info on Building Codes in Portugal

Hello, I hope I am not too much of a noob asking this, but I'm working on a project where we are designing a facility in Portugal, and I've ran into a bit of a dead end having to do with which building codes I should be aiming for with respect to...

2013 CA PTD Twist

2010 CBC 1115B.8.3 Towel, sanitary napkins, waste receptacles, dispensers and controls. Where towel, sanitary napkins, waste receptacles, dispensers, other equipment and controls are provided, at least one of each type shall be located on an...

Library Aisle width

Am I correct in reading the 2010 ADA Standards and the new CBC that library book stack aisles that serve both sides must be 44" wide, or 36" wide if they serve only one side based on the requirements stated in 11B-403.5.1?

Sum of Ratios for Mixed Occupancy A2 & R1

  The new hotel building  is a 4-story type VA that sits on a type I podium used for parking and entry lobby. There is also 1-1/2 levels of basement parking. The second floor has a restaurant and guest units on the same level.  Because...