Accessible and adaptable kitchens in multi family units

I had a question about the heights on the kitchens.

Per chapter 11A do we need to have the height of the counters at 34", do all units have to have the counter height at 34" or only 5% accessible units?

Or can they be at 36" as they will have granite counter top and the exception 1133A.4.1 #2.


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The exception to Section 1138A.3.2.2 allows kitchen countertops in dwellings and w/m & clothes dryers to be 36" AFF.

There is nothing in the kitchen section, 1133A, that says anything about the height of the sink or counters so it used to be only the reach range section that limited it if you had plugs or switches over the counter.

Now, 36" high countertops and even the kitchen sink are allowed even with outlets and other reach items on the wall behind them.

The allowance for kitchen countertops in dwelling units came in the mid-cycle changes to the 2013 CBC.