How many electrical outlets can be placed on a 20 amp general purpose residential circuit?

How many for a 15 amp circuit?

Richard S Graves, C.B.O.

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Per 213 CEC section 220.14 (I) 10 outlets on a 15-A receptacle circuit, 13 outlets on a 20-A receptacle circuit.

Mike Kinslow MCP
Building Director
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Mariposa County
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The National Electrical Code section 220.14(J) covers receptacles in a dwelling. These loads are already included in the "Lighting and Receptacle Load" specified in 220.12 that is based on dwelling (square-foot/square-meter) area. Consequently, there is no specific limit in the NEC for the number of receptacles that can be placed on a circuit in a dwelling.

Scott Davis
Electrical Plan Examiner
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