Fire Protection for Mezzanines

I have an existing 52 story Type 1A Building. 

All floor assemblies, the roof, columns and substructures are protected by SFRM.

My 52nd floor is a 30 foot high space, we are proposing an intermediate mezzanine. 


Does the mezzanine structure (deck, beams and columns) also require fire proofing.


Technically the mezzanine is not considered a new floor, however it is oocupied space.

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Welcome Dekker,


That is quite a push you propose:


1. Exiting?

2. Access (wheelchair, stairs)

3. Fireproofing

4. Structural load


We did a similar "add a mezzaine within a high story space" at the old ABC Entertainment Center in Century City back in 71', but not on the 52nd floor. Exiting and fire were major issues we resolved.