Hydrophonic Grow Facilities for Medical Cannibus

Have any of you been involved in California  with these type of facilities yet?  

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Wow, really good questions ADA guy! I had read a bunch of articles about growers suing neighbors and vice versa using the RICO act but never thought of the implications architecturally. I put it out to our pot attorney and he said he’ll take a look at it and get back to me. As to the E&O question, we’re a little protected on this one. Our client is actually the property owner/developer. All we’re doing is a tenant improvement with specific electrical needs. It’s all pretty arm’s length because it’s somewhat sensitive here. The whole conservative Board of Supervisors against the liberal Coastal Commission has gotten pretty heated. It was already pretty heated as the Coastal Commission refuses to approve the local Coastal Plans until the local jurisdictions bend to their will. The local jurisdictions promptly gave a one finger salute and we are stuck with 30 year old Coastal Plans! This is just one more stick on the bonfire…

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Actually, it can get quite sticky (pun intended). Expect Planning and zoning issues, Fire safety (H occupancy potential for extraction), Mechanical requirements, Energy code issues. Retail side is typical B or M occupancy. Steve Thomas has been giving presentations on Cannabis and the Code. Recommended. Here's a link that might be helpful:


I have represented more than 30 companies in California getting licensed cannabis facilities.  How can I help?

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