Mezzanine Fire Protection in a Type 1A Towwer

We have an existing 52 story Type 1A Building.


All floor assemblies, the roof, columns and substructures are protected by SFRM. Per Table 601


My 52nd floor is a 30 foot high space, we are proposing an intermediate mezzanine. 


Does the mezzanine structure (deck, beams and columns) also require fire proofing.


Technically the mezzanine is not considered a new floor, however it is oocupied space.


I could not find a code reference for this condition.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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To be technically correct, a mezzanine is a floor, but it is not a story.


Therefore, the structural frame and floor construction supporting the mezzanine must comply with the requirements for the applicable construction type.

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