Need info on Building Codes in Portugal

Hello, I hope I am not too much of a noob asking this, but I'm working on a project where we are designing a facility in Portugal, and I've ran into a bit of a dead end having to do with which building codes I should be aiming for with respect to platforms, guardrails, ladders and stairs. This is meant for an industrial application. I am able to follow IBC code pretty well, but when I get to designing the ladders, I find a hole in IBC code where I find no specs on ladder designs, i.e. cages, rung spacing, connection details, etc. Where would be a good resource to find out which codes I have to follow and can anybody give me some insight into anything I need to do differently than with OSHA building codes?


Thanks for your consideration

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In any foreign project for a Us company I find to governing codes:
The company's insurance firm has guidelines and appropriste pricing
The country's safety regs.
The company may have some additional requirements.
You have to get all three and compare,  typically choosing the most strigent.
The issue becomes when there is a conflict.
T hen you have to negotiste with each side,

Dennis Spors

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