Pedestal Lav at adaptable apartment

Can a pedestal lavatory be installed in an adaptable apartment unit and then changed out to a wall hung lav as part of the adaptation of the unit?

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Sorry, I thought I should demonstrate that you could have an option which gave you adaptability, but if you want a pedestal faucet only, you don't have anything that can be easily converted without the tenant having 1) a drill, 2) a hacksaw or pipe cutter, 3) plaster &  tape, 4) sheet rock, 5) pipe and fittings, and possibly 6) glue or soldering gun, etc. A pair of Wing-its costs ( less than $30 at Home Depot, and grab bars can be installed with a screwdriver, but plumbing requires more: removing drywall, cutting pipe and dealing with vents and supply lines.The short answer to your original question is"no."

I agree with Jonathan. "Adaptable" means able to be made accessible without any special knowledge or effort. So, you could install a pedestal faucet arrangement AND a non-grip operable faucet~ just make sure it's on separate supply lines, but not the pedestal faucet.

No, a pedestal sink would not be allowable in an adaptable "covered multifamily unit" subject to California regulations. It would not meet CBC 1134A.8. 


No, reasonable modifications "at the tenant's expense" apply only to features that were not required at the time of construction.


And even if one was explore the intent of the code regarding other adaptable features (grab bars, removable cabinets) the concept is that it can be done without specialized tools or knowledge (see 1133A.3). That would not apply to changing out a lavatory. Moreover, even if management initially commits to changing the fixture at such time as it is needed, that system relies on variables that are beyond the scope of building codes to control and therefore not consistent with its intent, such as:

1. peoples' performance to change something that was supposed to comply when built.

2. the management company being responsive, having the money, etc..

3. the same company managing/owning the property as made the original committment



Please keep in mind the cost of an alteration by a disabled individual. Generally speaking, most of the disabled are on government assistance. To cost of alterations usually means we are not welcome.


Just a thought.

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