Want to install pocket door for wider bathroom entry

Can two different door rough openings use the same king stud? The pocket door header would be 2 x 10s butted up to top cap. I would be able to either use very long nails to go through the upper cripple stud of the left door through king stud into header of pocket door or maybe use lag bolts instead. I need to use the existing king stud for both doors to allow needed width of pocket door for wheelchair access. This is a load bearing inside wall and I could use the needed double jack studs on each end.

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Is this a private residence? or Commercial? If commercial, the pocket door may cause other issues.  If residence, and you're just trying to get a wider opening, your framing is

outside the bounds of simple Type V construction. You may not want to hear this but I think it calls for a structural engineer.


As far as I can tell a header can go up to the wall caps which would not leave a need or room for any cripple braces. That would put the bottom of my new 10"  header about two inches higher than the bottom of the header that is presently in place. I don't know what Simpson beam hangers are. I am the owner. I believe the 10" header is required for a 6' span.

I have a door to each side of this entry. I want a sink/counter to your left after entering through door. Distance between left and right bathroom walls is 68" with intention to have 1/2" plywood then 1/2" sheetrock on walls. Issue I think mainly is using a common king stud for two different doorways on a load bearing wall. I know what I'm asking for is off the wall (Pun intended) but it seems like this would give me the most clearance and easiest entry.

Will you be able to achieve a min. 32" clear opening within the existing opening? If I understand correctly, using 2x10's to furr out the opening will then allow you to build the pocket you will need?

If it weren't for the adjacent door you could have used a barndoor arrangement.

I need to use the king stud of the door to the right and to the left of this pocket door entry. I want to use 2x10s for pocket door header all the way up to wall cap so I can have a taller door. What you see was a double door opening to hall closet. Presently rough height from finished floor is 82".  Changing to a 10" header all the way up would give me about 84.5 in. from floor surface.