Reply to "is a delivery truck dock entrance for the driver, an accessible entrance per 206.4.1"


"No alternate accessible route to an accessible entrance"

To address Mr. Handler's question, there is an accessible entrance somewhere that the driver (and everyone else) can use to enter... right?



"There needs to be an accessible entrance."

Agreed. But, 11B-206.5.1 suggests that there are some entrances that do not need to comply with 11B-206.4 or 11B-404. For instance, 11B-206.4.8 indicates that if a Service Entrance is not the only entrance to the building or to a tenancy in a facility then it is not required to comply with 11B-404. Also, according to 11B-206.4.6 secondary entrances to a residential dwelling unit needn't comply either.

"Maybe not that one but one nearby."

How closely nearby?

"With signage directing the driver to the entrance point."

Do any other parking spaces or doors, that are specifically exempted from the requirement to be part of an accessible route, also require this signage?

"A buzzer does not cut it."


Thank you gentlemen. I'm trying to understand these requirements.