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Do ALL 4-story stairway enclosures require smoke evacuation?

In the UBC-based 2001 CBC, Section 1003.3.3.12 , Roof Hatches, for interior stairways that extend to the top floor of any building four or more stories in height shall have, at the highest point of the stair shaft, an approved hatch openable to the exterior not less than 16 square feet in area and having a minimum dimension of 2 feet.

The handbook explains this requirement as a need for smoke evacuation. In the past (pre 2007 CBC), it was my standard practice to provide such smoke evacuation hatches in all 4 story exit stair enclosures.

Now, in the new IBC-based 2007 CBC, this requirement appears to have been removed. Section 1009.11 still requires roof access from a stair for buildings 4 or more stories in height, and the exception for unoccupied roofs to be allowed to not have a penthouse provided an access hatch- strikingly similar to the smoke evacuation hatch description in the old code. However, only one stair is required to roof for access, and therefore ALL OTHER STAIRS FOUR OR MORE STORIES IN HEIGHT DO NOT REQUIRE ANY ROOF HATCH.

Is this correct? California SFM didn't amend this new section?

In the past, all stairways four or more stories in height were required to have smoke evacuation hatches regardless if it is a roof access stair or if it terminated at the highest floor.

Does anyone have any interpretation which addresses this?

Mike Saenz
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