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Fact: one set of stairs is designed as an accessible stairway.
If an elevator is chosen in the design for the second accessible means of egress, how many "required means of egress" shall there be and of what type (stairs, ramp, elevator, etc)
Feel free to expand. Assume all width dimensions meet req's.

Having read numerous threads here and at various postsing sites I am curious what others think.

2007 CBC applies - Hypothetical building of 3 stories and accessibility is requried on each floor. Let's say, for arguments sake, that two means of egress are requried from each floor.
2 - One accessible stairway and the accessible elevator
2 - Two sets of accessible stairways
3 - Minimum one accessible stairway, additional stairway, and the accessible elevator
Both B and C are correct
All three options will work
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