01 cbc 302.2 open'gs in supporting structure

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Quick question. per 2001 cbc 302.2, "Where the occupancy separation is horizontal, structural members supporting the separation shall be protected by equivalent fire-resistive construction." but does this require the openings to be protected?

I'll buy the argument that, say for doors, rated frames and installation can be required (to protect the wall), but the door itself need not be rated.

I've searched through the forums but couldn't find any code or interpretation citing. I've looked through the 97 ubc handbook, and the applications manual, and again couldn't find supporting information. so am i wrong? if not, do any of you have any supporting interpretations or such? appreciate the help.
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Hey Brent, it was great meeting you last week at the CALBO training. I don't have any supporting documents just my opinion, sorry. As you probably already know this protection requirement is to protect the floor from collapse. With that in mind I don't see any purpose in providing opening protection since the code just states that the suporting members ONLY need to be protected.
Stu is right...

You provide fire rated protection for the elements (structutal) supporting the horizontal occupancy separation. This will include walls, beams, columns, etc.

A door below does not have to be rated on this account.

Remember... openings (doors, windows, etc) are required to be rated based on their location in an element that is required by code to be fire rated (i.e. occupancy separation walls, area separation walls, corridor walls, exterior walls openings due to property line location, horizontal exits, exit enclosures, etc).
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