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Can anyone recomend a class or seminar in the Southern California area that covers the changes between the 2001 cbc and the 2007 cbc? I would like one that has a multifamily emphasis, but wouldn't mind an overview of the entire code. Thanks.
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I don't know about So-Cal, but there is a series of CBC and CFC clases, that are the ICC/SFM published classes with CEU's for ICC that are going on in Nor-Cal.

2007 CBC 11-26-07 in Vacaville
2007 CFC 11-27-07 in Vacaville

2007 CBC 12-10-07 in Hayward
2007 CFC 12-11-07 in Hayward

2007 CBC 12-12-07 in Modesto
2007 CFC 12-13-07 in Modesto

2007 CFC Fire Protection Syst 12-17-07 Petaluma
2007 CBC Means of Egress in Comm Bldgs Petaluma

2007 CBC 1-14-08 in Clovis
2007 CFC 1-14-08 in Clovis

All state classes with In-state instructors. To register go to www.firepreventionofficers.org and click on classes. That will give you a link to the registration forms that you can fax or email to sign up.
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