2009 IBC, diesel storage tank

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we have a separate, single story generator building. no belly tank on the generator, but an external diesel fuel tank of 3,000 gallons. is this a Group H-3 Occupancy? i see Section 307.1 Exception 3, "Closed piping system containing flammable or combustible liquids or gases utilized for the operation of machinery or equipment."

the sole purpose of the tank is to supply the generator with fuel for its operation. or does the exception only apply to the piping and not the storage tank?

clearly the 3,000 gallons exceed the limits in table 307.1(1) for combustible liquid (diesel is a Class II combustible liquid). so i don't think the exception applies.

but then when i get into section 415, nothing there really applies. in fact, since this is a detached building (from the major occupancy structure), but NOT required to be detached, i don't see anything that requires a building type either. maybe it's late, but this isn't making much sense to me.

appreciate your thoughts! thanks!
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i'm unclear to your point. on any closed piping system, wouldn't that be a risk? yet, it is an allowed exception.

as for the tank, since the pipes go into the tank from the top, a pipe break will not just empty the tanks contents. as the tank is not under pressure, the fuel is pull out from the generator as needed.

tanks are all double walled. and sits in a recessed containment area, so it is lower than the generator.

so yes, there is always a risk of minor spill. but this is diesel, so that does not necessarily mean it would be major incident.

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