2009 IBC; door closing

Section 715.4.8 Door closing. "Fire doors shall be self- or automatic-closing in accordance with this section."
although the code defines "self-closing", it does not define "automatic-closing". so what is the difference?
although the code requires "automatic-closing" to comply with NFPA 80, there are no requirements for "self-closing". so, are there any standards for "self-closing" hardware?

as always, appreciate your wisdom!

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Sounds like a question for UL or Warnock Hersey. Fire rating tests include the hardware, there may be minimum specifications for components. Cannot find any direct standards other than the closers to mfrs stds but not for specific fire ratings. Door latches/locks are not directly addressed in any I can find either.
shame on me! instead of just looking at the section of interest, i should have looked upstream and found the reference i needed.

Per 715.4, "Fire door assemblies and shutters shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of this section and NFPA 80." this is the hook i needed.

but, I’m unclear why the additional reference in Section 715.4.8.2 to NFPA 80 for automatic-closing fire doors to be self-closing, when NFPA 6.1.4 requires the same. It seems like a nuance that is lost on me.

thanks Jim!

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