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I'm befuddled. Curtains in guest sleeping rooms (R-1 Occ) in a hotel are identified in the IFC to be addressed:
Section 807.1 General requirements. In occupancies in Groups A, E, I and R-1 and dormitories in Group R-2, curtains, draperies, hangings and other decorative materials suspended from walls or ceilings shall meet the flame propagation performance criteria of NFPA 701 in accordance with Section 806.2 or be noncombustible.

But when i look at NFPA 701, I only see how the testing is supposed to happen, and NOTHING that says to what level of rating the curtains are supposed to meet. I can't find anything in Section 807 that does that either.

Can't use Table 803.3, as that is for wall and ceiling finishes, and as that is per ASTM E 84 requirements.

So clearly I've missed something. Help?
Appreciate any input on this....Thanks!
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hello gang, got an answer.

i requested clarification from the ICC. their response was prompt and gave me what i need.
in short, NFPA 701 only tests "to assess the propagation of flame beyond the area exposed to the ignition source."

then in Chapters 10 & 15, there are several conditions the test must meet to pass. it's a pass/fail deal. generally for curtains/shades/drapes; fragments or residues of specimens that fall to the floor of the test chamber shall not continue to burn for more than an average of 2 seconds per specimen, and the average wight loss shall be 40% or less. for the heavy/multi-layered curtains/blackout curtains; any specimen cannot continue flaming for more than 2 second after the test flame is removed, char length of any specimen cannot exceed a set dimension, any fragment or residue of the specimens that fall to the floor of the test chamber shall not continue to burn for more than of 2 seconds.

learning something new every day! hope this helps anyone else interested in this. Thanks Jim for the input!

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