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am catching up on all the errata changes. i am curious about the Third Printing (9/7/10) wording changes. I've always understood that Chapter 10 was a IBC section provided to assist the fire side. hence, all the sections have a "[B]" in front. Per the IFC PREFACE, the "letter designations are maintained by another code development committee".

so now why in the errata, are they changing all the "building official" to "fire code official"? why are they making the fire department responsible for sections already addressed by the building department? now we have two different departments making interpretive calls on the same sections. and, the FD often does not have the experience with these sections as the BD does.

clearly this was intentional. does anyone know why?
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As I remember the monograph texts for the "editorial" changes, there was an enforcement authority issue. If the Fire Code Official needs to enforce provisions of ch 10 IFC, then identifying the official properly in the code text made it more obvious and more direct for citing on field reports and plan reviews. Background issue driving the change was a litigious project where the chain of authority was legally challenged on IFC text so the Fire Marshal notice could be nulled. Don't remember the jurisdiction (old age I guess).
Verify in your enabling ordinances or statutes for authority and areas of jurisdiction. There may be a clean or reasonably inferred difference in the plan review versus ongoing duty in the Fire Marshal functions.
Each US Territory (presuming you are still offshore) has a specific statute and ordinance pattern for governance that is quite different than "regular" States. My experience in Puerto Rico was quite enlightening (about 30 yrs ago).
Read Section 102.4. The design and construction of new structures shall comply with the IBC, and any changes,alterations, and additions required by the IFC shall comply with the IBC.

Therefore, the fire department has no authority during plan review. The provisions in the IFC Chapter 10 are for the enforcement of occupied buildings as an operation and maintenance function.

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