I have a church building (used to be a single family residence) that contains assembly rooms, classrooms, offices, and guest rooms/suites. I would like to make sure that the guest rooms/suites are considered an R-1 occupancy (other rooms are A-3 and B). Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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If 'congregate liviing' facilities applies, with less than 11 occupants in the residences at any one time, then R-3 would be permitted, per IBC section 310.1 and 310.2.

As a change of use, the building would need to be fully sprinklered, among other requirements.

This used to be a single-family house? Amazing, unless this is a major addition.
Thank you! The building is already being used for offices and guest/living rooms. An addition for assembly space is being proposed. The garage is being converted into classroom space.
Along the same lines I am reviewing a major eductaional project that includes residential uses for high school students.

Each floor of the 3-story residential buildings has an occupant load of ten and I plan to classify it as R-3. My question is: would you consider that that the TOTAL occupant load of all three floors (30) would exclude an R-3 classification?

Each floor is served by a separate means of egress. The floor ceiling assemblies will be one-hour.

Chuck Daleo
To clarify, there are two congregate living limits: 10 for transient and 16 for permanent.

Wow, good question Chuck. In Everett, WA, we would allow you to do this for two floors, max out at 10 per floor for a total of 20 as two separated Congregate living facilities for each unit of the 'duplex', with separate entrances and exits, without sprinklers or accessibility per the WA State adopted amendments for the 2009 IRC.

It is limited to two stories in height, and less than 5000 square feet in area, per the WA state adopted definitions of a multi-family residential building in the 2009 IRC. Otherwise, it would be an R-1.

This interpretation would vary per jurisdiction, and certainly per state.

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