4th Floor Question?

My wife and I are building a single family home, it has a walk out basement one side all other sides are underground (except 3 window well - windows). So there is a basement, 1st floor (primary entrance), 2nd floor bedrooms (etc...), then a 3rd floor with 4 windows we call a art studio (painting, etc...).

Question? Will the inspector view the 3rd floor as a 4th floor and require special requirements on the 4th floor (i.e. conduit, thicker sheetrock, etc...)

Thanks - Shawn
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Not sure which code is used in Cripple Creek, but ... CBC/IBC 502.1 says that a basement is considered to be a story above grade plane where the finished surface of the floor above the basement is either of the following:

1 – More than 6 feet above grade plane OR
2 – More than 12 feet above the finished ground level at any point

If the level located above the basement does not meet either of the above items, then the basement does not need to be considered as a story.

If the IBC is not the basis of the code used, I would check the definition for basement in the applicable code and see how it applies to your situation.
Shawn, according to Larry Manning of Community Planning & Development, Cripple Creek CO has adopted the 2003 versions of both the IRC and IBC. As far as I am aware, there is no building code restriction in the IRC regarding building height and stories. Since this is a single family home, the IRC would be the applicable building code. The zoning code would determine what height restrictions and setbacks are allowed by the Planning Department, and you should contact Larry at (719)689-3905 with specific requirements for permit.

Annette, I think California is unique in adopting the IBC and modifying it to include what would traditionally be viewed as an IRC building: single family home, duplex or townhouse.
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