506.2 Frontage Increase

I see in section 506.2, this language: "Every building shall adjoin or have access to a public way to receive an increase for frontage. Where a building has more than 25% of its perimeter on a public way or open space..., calculate the allowable area increase using equation 5-2" (I paraphrased that last part).

I haven't found any corresponding language about how to calculate the allowable area increase if the building has less than or equal to 25% of its perimeter facing open space. Section 506.2 doesn't seem to say "your building must have at least 25% of its perimeter wall facing open space in order to qualify for an area increase."

I'd appreciate any thoughts/insights.


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I have been meaning to clarify this for some time.
Section 506,2 allows an area increase for frontage when the builkding has more than 25% of teh perimeter facing a street, etc.

The reason why you should not try to use a 25% only increase is that teh formula deducts 0.25 from teh increase to begin with. So, the net is 0.00.

Chuck Daleo, CBO
It's actually easier.
For a single story building having four FSD of at least 30 feet and fully sprinklered, use:
Aa = 1.0At + .75At + 3.0At

Aa = 4.75 At

For a two-story building use:

Aa = [1.0At + .75At + 2.0At] X 2

Aa = 7.50 At

I call this Chuck's simplified method
Chcuk Daleo
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