Are you a consultant that provides building code services for architects, engineers, designers, contractors, building owners, and/or building departments?

If so, this LinkedIn group is for you. Not familiar with LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site (similar to Facebook). There are over 30 million registered users. Visit LinkedIn and register for free, then start connecting. You can join groups that focus on professionl areas including construction, design, accessibility, and building codes; as well as special interests such as alumini organizations, hobbies, etc.

I started the Building Code Consultants Group within LinkedIn as a catalyst for creating a professional organization for building code consultants. Many professionals in the construction industry have organizations that cater to the needs of their specific professions (e.g. AIA, ASCE, NSPE, SEA, IFMA, CMAA, etc.), but nothing is out there (at least from what I can find) in the field of code consulting.

Within the group's LinkedIn website, I have started a discussion asking what members thoughts are on the idea of a professional organization.

So, if you're a code consultant and have an interest in interacting with other code consultants, join the BCCG and take part in the discussion.

If you don't want to get LinkedIn, but are interested in a professional organization for building code consultants, please email me at and answer the following:

1. Do you think organizing would benefit our profession?

2. If such a professional organization were created, would you join?

3. If you were a member, what would you like to see in such an organization? What would you NOT like to see?
Ron Geren RLGA Technical Services Phoenix AZ
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You only signed up 2 days ago. I usually get a weekly email from linkedIn with pending requests, and that's when I go through the list. I hadn't received my weekly email yet, but I have approved you.

BTW, you've misspelled "Associates" on your profile. Smile
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