As the 2013 CBC Figure 11B-308.3.2 shows, the allowable mounting height of wall controls are limited to 46", provided the depth of obstruction is between 10" and 24".  However, the depth of commercial kitchen counter is often greater than 25", which makes any wall switches or electrical outlets non-compliant.  How should one be able to provide accessibility in this situation? 

Any suggestions to a workable solution will be appreciated.



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If you are speaking about reach ranges to electrical outlets or switches over countertops or to high shelving or hanging pots and pans or microwaves or any other element that must be accessed by employees in the work area of a commercial kitchen... or for that matter any other workstation in virtually any other line of work look at 11B 203.9. Not required. Right?

We have discussed this before

Foodservice back-of-house areas, fall under the gray area of the code. The back-of-house areas are subject to interpretation
Trying to enforce accessibility in the typical, commercial kitchen facility, is not practical

Analysis and Commentary on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design
Several exceptions to section 206.2.8 of the 2010 Standards exempt common use circulation paths in employee work areas from the requirements of section 402 where it may be difficult to comply with the technical requirements for accessible routes due to the size or function of the area:
Common use circulation paths within employee work areas that are less than 1,000 square feet and are defined by permanently installed partitions, counters, casework, or furnishings are exempt. Kitchens in quick service restaurants, cocktail bars, and the employee side of service counters are frequently covered by this exception.

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