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Code (LA county) allows unpermited accessory buildings on SFR propertities in rear yards if 120 sq. ft or less. Can 2 120's be conjoined to each other at different dates?

If constructed prior to codes (1905) can repairs be made using similar construction techniques and materials?

If adding PV's to the roofs of accessory buildings, must calcs showing ability to support the additional load be required for typical panels? They only weigh 3.5lbs/sq. ft.
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Check the planning ordinance, there usually is a maximum square footage gross for accessory buildings and limits on the infrastructure development such as electricity. Separations are usually specified in the ordinance for all setback conditions such as yards and between buildings. If the ordinance is not specific for existing buildings, then "existing non-conforming" could be justified for separation that is less than current ordinance standards. Use for solar panels may be restricted as well, again verify with the ordinance.
If solar panels are allowed then the structure must be demonstrated as sufficient to carry the loads proposed. It is common for solar panels to be supported at 4 distinct "points" so the loading is concentrated, this can be a problem for older structures that have unconventional rafters/spacing and unknown wood grades including usually less than adequate lateral bracing to resist lateral from wind or seismic, most likely wind will be the controlling load.
A lot of this info is available online from the jurisdiction.
Hope this helps.
Thank you Jim.

I believe I have addressed the concerns you have addressed. We have restructured (2x4s, 5/8" shear panels and cont. footings added from the inside in order to retain the historic character of the building. It is eligable for National Registed designation in 4 catagories. Working on the application.

It has stood for over 106 years in high winds, earthquakes and heavy rains with minimal lateral ( no foundation (4x4 rdwd on grade),a few diagonal braces,no studs (1x12 board and battens) and net 2x4 rafters at 36"o.c x 10' with 1x4 x 15' ties with space sheathing and original shingles - imagine that?!) No bld'g paper and no roof leaks.

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