Acoustical and lay-in panel ceilings 2007CBC

The new requirements can be found in ASCE 7-05 section

Attached is a general notes file that summarizes the minimum requirements.

Additionally, the following detailing should be on the plans:
1. Members
2. Connections
3. Support systems
4. Light fixtures and mechanical fixture attachment
5. Partition support
6. Seismic bracing


Thank you.
Does the note below require the system to be designed by an engineer with special inspections in the field?
Attachment of the bracing wires to the main beam and the structure should support the greater of 200 pounds or the actual design load with a safety factor of two.
Although Section 1705.3 (item #4.3) appears to require SPECIAL INSPECTION for suspended ceiling systems and their anchorage when located in SDC "D", I'm not aware of jurisdictions that are enforcing that.

I know some of the ICC chapters are struggling with that item and most only do the typical jurisdiction inspection without asking for special inspections.

Im not sure what a special inspector would check for to tell you the truth. Beyond maybe tensile strength of the wires. The balance of the inspections can be done by the building inspector to verify materials and compliance with the approved plans.

Having the architect or engineer of record provide structural observations for suspended ceilings construciton have been discussed by some, but again, most of the designers are not willing to provide such field observations or are necessarily qualified to do so.

You may also want to revisit this discussion on the subject of suspended ceiling using the 2007 CBC:
Good point you raise Ron!

I see that item "h" in Section of ASCE 7-05 calls for special inspections and refers you to Section 11A.1.3.9.

When examining Chapter 35 "Referenced Standards" of the 2006 IBC, under ASCE/SEI, standard 7-05 is noted along with applicable sections. Appendix 11A of ASCE 7-05 was not adopted in the IBC!

The 2007 CBC is the same as the 2006 IBC in this case. Chapter 35 in the CBC excludes Appendix 11A also. So it appears that special inspections for suspended ceilings is not an issue after all Razz
2007cbc 1705.3.4.3 requires special inspection for suspended ceilings in seismic design category D. but in the matrix, this only applies to BSC, HCD, and OSHPD.

if this is in a commercial building, B occupancy, which does not need oshpd review, then what? i go to section 102, and this is not a state building, uc/csu/ccc building, not state owned or leased, nor a unreinforced building. so requirement does not apply?
seems like this one won't go away. my plan checker insists, that because in 2007 cbc, chapter 17 matrix that the SFM (which now has authority over all), specifically adopted section 1704.1, which states, "to provide inspection during construction on the types of work listed under Section 1704", that the rest of the chapter would apply. and since that includes 1704.1.1, which references 1705, it includes all of that section as well. and further, since 1705.1 states, "Where special inspection or testing is required by Section 1704...", then i have to include all of section 1705.

so according to him, suspended ceilings must have special inspection.

help? i thought since SFM did not check section 1704.1.1 in the matrix, they are not requiring compliance to it. thoughts?
Have this plan checker read the Q&A we have for this one on here. I'm not aware of jurisdictions that are enforcing special inspections for suspended ceilings!

I don't know what DSA is doing for schools and hospitals, but that is another issue.

If your jurisdiction is requiring special inspections for installation of suspended ceiling, please inform us.

I sure would like to know.
If you came here looking for my previous post, I apologize.. I have edited it and removed the information from the AHJ in question. We will be contacting the City Officials regarding our issues, but this forum may not have been the appropriate place (at this time) to post my comments to.
Special inspections are not required for suspended acoustical ceiling under the IBC or the CBC. ASCE 7 does require them in Appendix 11A; however, the IBC/CBC have excluded this appendix--See Chapter 35.

1705.3 only requires the mention of suspended ceilings in the "Statement of Special Inspections." The only required special inspections are identified in 1704, 1707, and 1708.

Section 1707.7 does not include suspended ceilings. It is probably included in the "Statement" only as reference information when considering their support of electrical and mechanical equipment in the ceiling grid.
It took awhile, but I found the email I received from ICC regarding this issue:

My Question:

Q: Section 1705.3 states "The statement of special inspections shall include seismic requirements for the following cases," and included in that list is item 4.3 "Suspended ceiling systems and their anchorage." However, this seems to only state that the requirements are to be included in the statement of special inspections and not a requirement for special inspection of suspended ceiling systems. This is the only location in the IBC where suspended ceiling systems are mentioned.

This appears to be supported by Section 1707.1, which states "Special inspections itemized in Sections 1707.2 through 1707.10, unless exempted by the exceptions of Section 1704.1, are required for the following," and included in that list is item 3, "Architectural, mechanical and electrical components in structures assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F that are required in Sections 1707.7 and 1707.8." But, Section 1707.7 for architectural components does not include suspended ceiling systems.

The 2007 Supplement doesn't modify these sections much more then they currently are printed in the 2006 IBC.

Are suspended ceiling systems required to have special inspections; and, if so, what sections of the IBC make it a requirement?

ICC's Response:

A: No, it is not required for either the suspended ceiling system or its anchorage. Section 1705.1 states that "Where special inspection or testing is required by Section 1704, 1707 or 1708, the registered design professional in responsive charge shall prepare a statement of special inspections..." and of course you have found (or not found) that the above referenced three sections does not require suspended ceiling systems to have special inspection. Also, Section 1613.1 states that, "Every structure and portion thereof, ...shall be designed and constructed to resist the effects of earthquake motions in accordance with ASCE 7, excluding Chapter 14 and Appendix 11A..." And of course Section 11A.1.3.9 of Appendix 11A of ASCE 7-05 states clearly that "...Periodic special inspection is required for the installation of suspended ceiling grids, in Seismic Design Categories D, E or F." it was not adopted as part of the 2006 IBC.
No one has an answer to my question above?

Also, section 1705.3 only requires the mention of suspended ceilings in the "Statement of Special Inspections." What does that look like? Are we just to mention within the Statement that Suspended Ceiling are to be installed per CBC 803.9.1.1
.. section 1705.3 only requires the mention of suspended ceilings in the "Statement of Special Inspections." What does that look like? Are we just to mention within the Statement that Suspended Ceiling are to be installed per CBC 803.9.1.1

Special Inspections are not required for Suspended ceilings....
Looked at the USG stuff. First view that came up for the molding showed a diagram with the required 2" minimum shown in red. Somehow went away and the other details show the 7/8" for tight and floating conditions.

I am a bit skeptical about the alternates, there is no room to allow deflection in surrounding walls and there is a potential to have tees and panels come loose during a seismic shake that could result in panels dropping out.

How does USG rationalize their system complies with the code standards? Couldn't find it doing a cursory search on the website.
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