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We have been using the arc-falt testers to test the bedroom receptacle circuits ever since the code required the circuits to be arc-fault protected. With that we also test the breaker with the breaker test button.

We very seldom have a problem with the testers tripping the breaker and if the happens the breaker is replaced and trip with no problems.

We have been using the same testers on a subdivision and have finaled at least 30 homes with no problems. But for the last 8 homes the testers cannot trip the breakers AFCI circuit breakers being tested. We will use the same tester on another subdivision and other inspections and they trip the breakers without a problem.

We are advising the developer that the electrical contractor may have a bad lot of breakers. The superintendant does not want us to use the devices(of course not) and only use the test button on the breaker it self.

I have told them that the testers will be used until further notice.

Has any other jusistiction had any problem with the AFCI breakers or the testers. Any openions on what the problem may be?
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i'm pretty sure the manufacturer only recognizes the test button on the breaker as a test. i'm also pretty sure the afci testers on the market (mine for sure) are not listed or recognized as properly testing the breaker.
seems like you don't have much to stand on.
that being said, i love my afci tester, but if the test button functions on the breaker, i think you have to pass it....
This will usually be in the state law that sets up your building department when it defines the powers and responsibilities of inspectors.
The NEC citation will fall back on 90-4 or 90-7.

There is really nothing in the NEC that says you have to actually inspect anything except in Annex H (80.1(1)) but that is not really part of the code. It can be adopted or it can just be used as a template for your local law or ordinance.
Isn’t most breakers guaranteed to trip at least once. After that, have they been tested for multiple tripping is the warranty still in effect?
If the Inspector is testing the product are they allowing the Employer to now be responsible if the breaker does not?
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