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Ok, here is the scenario...

Existing major warehouse, for storage of building insulation. Has had four warehouse extensions, each 70 plus thousand square feet.

Each new addition is separated by a CMU wall full height, fire doors, and each warehouse is fully sprinklered. The building is separated from remaining facility by CMU wall and fire doors.

We are looking to warehouse 5 addition, same scenario. Our warehouses are (and will continue to be) separated on three sides by at least 250, if not 300 feet to the property lines. No other structures are within this area.

Question is this: Does our addition (warehouse 5) have to be separated from exisitng warehouse 4 by a CMU (i.e. rated wall)? Seems our local Jurisdiction for this area does NOT think so.


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Overview: Assuming sketch relates to sprinklered buildings of Group B, F1, F2, and S1 occupancies surrounded by yards at least 60 feet in width (all sides)

Part 1: ... Assuming Group B, F1, F2, and S1 occupancies may be "Unlimited area" per CBC 505.2 thus separation would not required ... however in any case, the CMU separation "may" be required by the insurance carrier (i.e. factory mutual) for which their requirements may exceed those of the building code.

Part 2: ... "Unlimited area" per CBC 505.2 and CBC 503.3 ... Where the most restricted occupancy and type of construction is used: ... Aggregate area calculation per 503.3 Exception for two or more buildings of different occupancies and different types of construction ... CBC 503.3 Exception states: "Two or more buildings on the same property may be considered as portions of one building if the aggregate area of such building is within the limits specified in Section 504 for a single building ... When the buildings so considered house different occupancies or are of different types of construction, the area shall be that allowed for the most restricted occupancy"
As I spend more time here at the Plant Facility (which is way cool btw) It has become apparent that while the majority of the complex is in fact sprinklered, that the "hot end" where the insulation is 'cooked' does not have sprinklers.
Due to the nature of the manufacturing line, there is no definitive way to break off one section from the other. Remember that "I Love Lucy" episode where she is trying fast and furious to load the chocolate candies off the assembly line, only to resort to stuffing them into her mouth, her dress, and any where else she could? Well, now you get a feel for what happens here on a much grander scale.
Our building areas are as such:
  • (S-2) WAREHOUSING 288,000
  • (S-2) ADDITION 72,000
  • (F-1) FACTORY 65,000
  • (F-2) FACTORY / PACKAGING 131,494

I suggest we are Type II non rated, as the entire complex is framed of steel, all exterior walls are either metal cladding or CMU.
So, does this clarify our project a bit more? Do the answers previously given still apply? The info I am getting NOW from the building official is that hes only going to allow a 72,000 sf addition in the S-2 area.
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