I'm trying to classify an occupancy, based on 2010 CBC, for an ammunitions storage room at a building used by law enforcement.
So far, I'm looking at Class 1 explosives, but don't know the Division to place this in. This could be an H occupancy, if control area amounts are exceeded in Table 307.1(1).
The following is the type of firearms ammunition and estimate of quantity that may be stored in the armory:

.223 40,000 cartridges
9mm 20,000
.40 15,000
.308 15,000
12 gauge 5,000

Any thoughts on the subject?
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Hi Laura,
Based on the quantities that you are listing, one or more 'H' control rooms would be a safe bet, if the building can accomodate them (see IBC Table 414.2.2 (CBC?)), and a sprinklered building is required (IBC Section 903.2.5.1, not sure if it is the same section in the CBC since this can get modified by the State).

In our jurisidiction, we ask that the permit applicant have a consultant identify the material and class as part of the submittal. Watch that the vertical and horizontal continuity of the control area is maintained per IBC section 707.3.7.

I will research the Fire Code for additional limitations listed.

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