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There has been related discussion in past, but I submit the following for comment/opinion:

Existing private, single family residence, California (specifically Los Angeles).
Owner remodels various aspects within the existing structure, but the scope does not kick the project into the 'major remodel' category.
Owner wishes to construct a separate free-standing Pavilion at the rear of the house, but separated from the existing home by only a matter of inches.
The Pavilion is approximately 15' x 25' overall.
The Pavilion is non-combustible, all steel structure with a roof that is copper sheets plus a central skylight (steel and glass).
There will be amenities including lighting, electric space heaters, motorized projector and screen, a bar and back-bar, sink, outdoor kitchen with grill, warming ovens, pizza oven and various other equipment.
There are no walls, but the one side of the structure that is adjacent to the existing house is, as noted, within inches of same, so in effect this is open on three sides.

Is this considered a new building that must be sprinklered?
Even if a new building, would it be exempt from sprinklers due to the non-combustible structure and three open sides?

Input will be appreciated.
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I'm watching for comments too Hil. I don't do residential, but we do deal with the LA City Building Dept on occasion, so it is interesting what they've come up with on their own code.

Without looking, I would initially call this a non-combustible yard structure, like a swing-set or barbeque that would not be regulated or be considered in zoning at all. At least that's how I would approach it and see what happens: It really is not part of the house.
R313.2 One- and two-family dwellings automatic fire systems.
An automatic residential fire sprinkler system shall be installed in one- and two- family dwellings.
Exception: An automatic residential fire sprinkler system shall not be required for additions or alterations to existing buildings that are not already provided with an automatic
residential sprinkler system.

This is a addition.
Agreed that residential additions require fire sprinklers.

I'm just saying that if I were preparing the documents I might not label [or would specifically NOT label] this item as an addition to the house to avoid invoking that paragragh.

With that said, if they are actually installing a full kitchen-like setup out there [a pizza oven?!?] maybe it should be sprinkled anyway, even if it is not an addition. Depends on proximity of the heat producing equipment, etc., etc...

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