Artificial Light, Section 1205.3- 2007 CBC

Section 1205.1 of the 2007 CBC (2006 IBC) provides two options in order to comply with LIGHT provisions: Natural light per Section 1205.2, OR Artificial Light per Section 1205.3.

Section 1205.3 Artificial Light. Artificial light shall be provided that is adequate to provide an average illumination of 10 foot-candles (107 lux) over the area of the room at a height of 30 inches above the floor level.


If designer elects to use artificial light as means of complying with section 1205.1, how would this information be shown on the drawings to reflect compliance with section 1205.3?

How will the plans examiner and/or inspector be able to confirm that the provided artificial light complies with Section 1205.3 requirement?
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Either use the lighting profile from a fixture, or when using the standard high-efficacy recessed can light, use the lighting profile for the minimum rated bulb. Most web sites for lighting have this info.

Alt: The electrical enginneer can also provide this information.
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As you can tell, what you suggest is typically beyond the scope of most single family residential projects. Having to confirm that the artificial lighting provided complies with Section 1205.3 may turn into a daunting excercise (for the designer, plan checker and inspector).

For most, it may be a lot easier just to figure a way to comply with natural light provisions somehow Razz
Good point "Big O".....

Chapter 12- CBC-Matrix Adoption Table does not show that section 1205.3 is adopted by HCD.

Does this mean, for single family dwellings, section 1205.3 "Artificial Light" is not an option and only Natural Light (section 1205.2) would be acceptable to comply with Section 1205.1 Confused
The way I read it, natural light is optional under the new code, while it is mandatory under the 2001 CBC. Section 1205.1 says that you may provide the lighting either way, and then refers to 1205.2 and 1205.3 for specific criteria for each option. Omission of 1205.3 in the matrix should not be construed that artificial lighting is not allowed, or you would have to assume that natural lighting is not allowed either as 1205.2 is also not shown in the adoption matrix.

Secondly, I tend to think that Section 1205.1 actually goes further to mandate artificial lighting in every room for human occupancy. The impression I get from this section is that the intent is to require certain level of lighting, natural or artificial, for as long as the space is occupied. Since it is almost certain that we won't have adequate natural lighting at night, artificial lighting would need to be provided after sunset"ā€¯unless the building is not going to be occupied after the daytime.

As to what information you would need to provide in the plan check and construction stage, inevitably it will vary among jurisdictions. Personally, I would not worry about it at all, as long as circuits and receptacles are provided per the electrical code and a switch is provided to control either a lighting fixture outlet or a hot receptacle. The requirement of Section 1205.3 is very basic. A 24-watt compact fluorescent light bulb would generally provide more lighting than required for a typical-size bedroom.
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