B-occupancy, OSHD-III women's center - flooring for exam rooms (california)

Hi all -

One of our clients had an 'experience' design firm review a floor plan for an OSHPD III women's center.

They suggested carpets in the exam rooms. While I dont think this is a great idea, I need to know if there are any codes out there that prohibit a soft service to be used for the floor covering.

The suite will be a department of the hospital so it will also be licensed with DHS.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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For OSHPD "3" see the following:

1226.9.1 Floor finishes. Shall be smooth, water resistant and durable. Upon written, appropriately documented request, the enforcing agency may grant approval of the installation of carpet.

1226.9.2 Bases. The materials and textures of bases and the installation thereof shall be so as to minimize moisture infiltration.

Wood bases are prohibited except in waiting areas and administration departments.

1226.9.3 Bases/wet cleaning. Wall bases in operating rooms, cast rooms and other areas which are frequently subject to wet-cleaning methods shall be made integral and coved with the floor. Construction shall be without voids at the intersection of floor and wall surfaces.

Carpet can only be approved by written application to the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" and is discretionary for approval.

I recommend that carpet NOT be installed due to maintenance and cleaning considerations.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

But the original post does not indicate that this space is a CLINIC! It appears to be simply a doctor's office (B occupancy group) that may need to comply with OSHPD III requirements due to licensing or ownership by a hospital, etc.

Can Section 1226 of the CBC be applied in this case?

I'm with you that carpet is NOT a good idea for the exam rooms, just questioning if the code section noted would apply.
CBC 1226.1 specifies the scope of this section to apply to primary care clinics, specialty clinics, and psychology clinics. Primary care clinics are to include free clinics, community clinics, employee clinics, and optometric clinics.

CA Health and Safety Code Section 1200 defines "clinic" as an organized outpatient health facility which provides direct medical, surgical, dental, optometric, or podiatric advice, services, or treatment to patients who remain less than 24 hours, and which may also provide diagnostic or therapeutic services to patients in the home as an incident to care provided at the clinic facility. The typical doctor's office would be an outpatient health facility that provides direct medical advice, services, or treatment.

Depending on the licensing of the facility, 1226.2.1 states that clinics licensed under CA Health and Safety Code Section 1200 that are not covered by CBC 1226 shall meet the applicable requirements of CBC 1224 (CBC 1224.4.11.1 provides the same requirements for floor and base surfaces for general construction).
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