BCDG- Changes Effective August 1, 2009!

Message from your Administrator! EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2009

Dear BCDG members, participants, visitors and friends-

I wanted to thank you for your patronage and support over the last 14 years. The Building Code Discussions Group (BCDG) has been, and continues to be; an exciting, unique and rewarding venture.

For over a decade, time and financial resources have been invested to develop a unique and one of the best online- support resources for the building codes and related topics.

Thousands of Architects, Engineers, Builders, Designers, Inspectors, Plans Examiners, Code Officials, Attorneys, Developers, Students, Educators, and the like, have made the BCDG their home base for obtaining code information and interpretations for any code topic (life safety, stuctural, M-P-E, accessibiility and ADA, energy conservation, green codes, and much more) and provided opportunities to interact with well-known professionals and experts in numerous fields nationwide.

By participating, or simply reading and following the daily practical, relevant, educational and controversial discussions, the BCDG has become a must-have Continuing Education component for many, experts and novices alike; to remain competitive, current and relevant in the business.

On August 1, 2009, the BCDG completed the transition into "Premium Membership Community" format. To continue or start using the BCDG and be able to view/post/interact/chat/upload sketches and drawings for discussions; perform search for 1000's of previous and current Q&A's and much more; you would have to become a “Premium Member” of the community. A monthly or yearly fee to participate will be required (you will be presented with Premium Membership Options). The BCDG will alert you that this registration is required and you will have options to choose from. The procedure will be automated and simple.

In addition, there will be provisions for FREE TRIAL membership, 14 days, where any registered member (current or new) can explore, read/post and test the features of the BCDG. After the free trial period, if you choose to continue on the BCDG, you will have to transition your membership to "Premium". The free trial membership would be ideal for someone that is not already familiar with the BCDG (i.e. new members).

To start your Premium Membership immediately, follow this link.

Local jurisdictions (cities and counties) and Private Companies with more than one individual membership that wish to join the BCDG can do so using the "Corporate Membership".

The BCDG "Terms of Service", TOS, that all registered members agreed to when they first signed on remains in effect. You may have to read and agree to an updated TOS before resuming your participation on the BCDG.

If you encounter any difficulty signing up and paying for your new membership, please use this site for answers and help with the credit card payment processing:

If you have any questions regarding the BCDG transition into "Premimum Membership", kindly contact me at imad@bcodes.com

Warmest regards,

Imad Naffa
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