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Has anyone dealt with a new chrome plating business? I'm thinking the classification will be either an H-3 or H-4. The quantities of hazardous materials exceed the MAQ in CBC 307. The most significant being chromium trioxide being what appears to be a class 4 oxidizer.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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One would have to evaluate the materials used/stored, assign proper hazardous classification for the chemicals used/stored before making a determination.

Also, more than one control area may be present or designed for in a the building and if the MAQ are less than stipulated in the CBC/CFC Tables, the occupancy may not end up being "H". A reduced occupancy classification, may apply.

Here is for reference a document that talks about Chrome Plating that may be helpful:

In addition, this article may benefit in knowing more about the subject of Chrome Plating.
If you have a plan view for the forum participants to view, it will help to understand the issues at hand.

The haz mat quantities will most likely push a chrome plating operation into an H category. Codeyman raises a good consideration for control areas, however the normal quantities at hand, such as tankage, for even a small capacity plating operation makes control areas quite impractical.

Give us a look at what you are dealing with.
I don't have a floor plan yet. I am currently working with the company to find a practical area and building for them to move into.

You are correct in the process and tanking of materials making it impractical to provide control areas. One tank in itself contains chemicals (1200 gallons) that are Class 4 Oxidizers.
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