At a number of places in the CBC, a bracketed 'A' ([A]) precedes the entry or definition.  Does someone know what this signifies?


I've uploaded an example.


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It means that that portion of the content is under the control of the Administrative Code Development Committee of the ICC.

Mark, it is in the 2013 least it is shown on the free version on ICC's ecodes:


The IBC has an explanation for each of the committee letters that appear before some code content.  These explanations are in the Preface; however, the CBC apparently has decided not to retain that information in their version of the Preface.



Thanks for the response.  I couldn't find the answer anywhere else.


So, in CA (I was using CA 2013, downloadable version) it refers to origins, not applicability or adoption?  Matrix adoption tables apply normally? 


Does it mean though, that these sections [A] may not be modified by CA code authorities if they agree to use the ICC code as a basis for the CA code?






CA as a sovereign State can amend, add, or delete any code provision or word definition in a model code such as the IBC using the processes outlined in state statutes. The text coordination, language style format, & information marks get overlooked at times & cause some confusion.

CA construction codes matrix adoption and state agency authority is not affected by ICC committee coordination marks.

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