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We are plan checking a convent expansion, and they are requesting that since it is a womens only structure, that they should be able to eliminate urinal requirements..The following is a quote on the plans..
"Religious doctrine dictates that urinals shall not be placed in monasteries intended as female living space thus urinal requirements have been replaced with water closets."
but, they do have a restroom designated as 'mens'....
Anyone else ever dealt with such a request?

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422.1 Fixture Count. 
The minimum number of fixtures shall be calculated at 50 percent male and 50 percent female based on the total occupant load. Where information submitted indicates a difference in distribution of the sexes such information shall be used in order to determine the number of fixtures for each sex.

I would not say 'zero' men's facilities, although I do agree that the cited language anticipates situations where the balance need not be 50/50. 


Even in a dedicated women's facility (residential, incarceration, or others) there are still occasionally men in the building - nonresidents on premises as visitors/invitees, vendors, maintenance, fire/building inspectors, etc. - and they have to be accommodated, even if that means having just one single-use washroom in the new building expansion area.


Current uses notwithstanding, there is a second factor to be considered.  Nobody can guarantee the current planned use will remain in effect long term.  If there should be a future change in use/occupancy that requires both men's and women's washrooms in relatively equal numbers, providing them would have to be undertaken as a remodeling project,  If the original plan does not at least anticipate this potential (space that can be readily converted if needed, along with the ability to extend water/drains, power, etc.) this may turn out to be poor long term planning.  I would encourage discussing this with the Owner.

hil makes a good point on discussing with the Owner.

Since alternate fixture count is allowed based on information provided for facility use, there should be at least the one proposed mens room for occasional guests and the Priest that supports the Convent. In a single user restroom, a urinal is not required. See footnotes 3 & 4 for the tables.

Does the term "Unisex" or "Gender Neutral" mean anything to you?


Urinals are only required in facilities serving alcohol.


A toilet only room is useable by anyone, a hole is a hole is a hole (smiling)


Also, this is a limited access "religious" facility.


Hill, much as I hate to quote him, MG "says" best practices are not mins or maxes, nor are they "required by code. 

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