I have a room above the garage that is enclosed, but seperate space from the rest of the house. it is as if the room was one big attic space.
the upper level above garage will be for future living space and is listed on the plans as "future living space w/ labeling it as currently unconditioned".
1.)according to CBC codes, what is defined as "unconditioned space"?
2.)does the upper level have to be sheetrocked?
3.)can you have at least 1 elect outlet and a light?
4.) if the room has to be sheetrock, does it also have to be taped?
remember, this room is on the plans as "unconditioned and future living space" which will go thru the permit process again in the next 2 years to get the above area listed and permitted as living space (conditioned).
The reason for the questions is due to a bldg inspector said that the upper "unconditioned space" must have it sheetrocked.!

any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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1.) "Unconditioned space" is not defined in the CBC however the California Energy Code defines it as: an enclosed space within a building that is not directly conditioned or indirectly conditioned.
2.) Don’t know – are the building elements that the inspector is requesting to be “sheetrocked” separating unconditioned from conditioned spaces?
3.) Probably
4.) Depends – is it part of a fire assembly?

You need to ask the inspector what section of the code he is citing in his request/demand that the upper level be “sheetrocked”. If you could provide a sketch or drawing, that would be helpful too.
the future living space could remain unfinished space.
however a permit would be required to finish and condition the space once you are ready to finish and condition it for living.

however it must be (fire)separated from the other conditioned inhabited spaces.
It may be better to separate it now in combination with the other separated spaces to simply the separation from the garage, as apposed to the fire separation from the other conditioned spaces
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