Dialysis Clinic, OSHPD 3, I-2.1 - sprinkler system required? 2007 CBC

Re: New Dialysis Clinic, OSHPD 3, I-2.1 occupancy. 2007 CBC applies.

Section [F] 903.2.5 Group I.
An automatic sprinkler system shall be provided throughout buildings with a Group I fire area.

1. Those areas exempted by Section 407.5.

[F] 407.5 Automatic sprinkler system.
Every facility as specified herein wherein more than six clients or patients are housed or cared for on the premises on a 24-hour-per-day basis shall have installed and maintained in an operable condition in every building or portion thereof where clients or patients are housed, an automatic sprinkler system of a type approved by the State Fire Marshal. The provisions of this subsection shall apply to every person, firm or corporation establishing, maintaining or operating a hospital, children's home, children's nursery or institution, or a home or institution for the care of aged or persons with dementia or other cognitive impairments, or any institution for persons with mental illness or persons with developmental disabilities and any nursing or convalescent home, and to any state-owned or state-occupied building used for any of the types of facilities specified herein.


Dialysis clinics do not typically operate overnight (24-hour basis).

Doesn't Section 407.5 provide an exemption from providing a sprinkler system for the Dialysis Clinic?
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"Doesn't Section 407.5 provide an exemption from providing a sprinkler system for the Dialysis Clinic?"

In short the answer is NO. Your 407.5 code reference is incomplete, it does not include the exemption/exceptions. In looking at the exceptions 1-4 for section 407.5 there is no exception for I occupancy outpatient clinics.

Glenn S. A. Gall, AIA
Regional Supervisor
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