This is from the CBC vol 1;
1203.4.2 Contaminants exhausted. Contaminant sources •
in naturally ventilated spaces shall be removed in accordance
with the California Mechanical Code and the California
Fire Code.
Then going into the CMC, there are provisions in 504 and 916 for domestic cooking stuff.
Most Residential, no longer in CBC. Use CRC.

In the CRC reference standards lists ANSI Z21.1-D3 Household Cooking Gas Appliances-with Addenda Z21.1 a-2003 and Z21.1 b-2003

ANSI Z21.1-D3 Allows for both vented and unvented gas appliances

The answer is maybe

Refer to the manufactures installation listing and instructions

Now if the stupid people in Sacramento didn’t delete whole sections in the code I would also say “maybe”

M1503.1 General. Range hoods shall discharge to the outdoors through a single-wall duct. The duct serving the hood shall have a smooth interior surface, shall be air tight and shall be equipped with a backdraft damper. Ducts serving range hoods shall not terminate in an attic or crawl space or areas
inside the building.
Exception: Where installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, and where mechanical or natural ventilation is otherwise provided, listed and labeled ductless range hoods shall not be required to discharge to the outdoors.
Since CA still is hanging on to the IAPMO sponsored codes, there will be inconsistencies and many "can't get there from here..." due to wholesale deletions made in the CRC. CA HCD did not do a very good job and neither did the Building Standards Commission.

My Building Official contacts are quite disturbed and many are considering significant local amendments to clean it up.

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