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given- I'm in California,  as a local AHJ, I have always been told that my dept has no authority to issue permits or do inspections on public schools.


situation- there was a gas leak at a local grammar school (k-6). the gas leak has been isolated, gas shut off, made safe.

PG&E (local utility) will not turn the gas back on without authorization (ours or DSA). the school district ( district superintendent and district maintenance) have been calling me (AHJ) and trying to get me to "sign off" on it (issue a permit, do an inspection, final the project). we don't even have a FILE for the school!

I don't feel comfortable doing this, and I think it's not under my purview.


whadya' think?

they want this NOW!


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It depends where in the school the gas leak was. Local AHJ's have authority to inspect some buildings/facilities on school sites and most school-owned buildings/facilities not on school sites. Buildings that are not used for students/teachers, such as administrative buildings, warehouses, fleet maintence, nutritional services (food prep/storage) buildings (not cafeterias) etc. See:




The same holds true for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.




Also public utility generation facilities.




after the "emergency" calmed down a bit.lol...

the school district gave me this info from the DSA --


Alteration projects require DSA review and approval except for low cost projects as described below.

  • Per Section 4-308 of Title 24, Part 1, review and approval of a project involving only alterations is not required when the cost of the project does not exceed $35,623 (as of 2009). The school board is responsible for hiring a licensed architect or engineer to prepare plans and specifications and to provide for adequate inspection of the construction.

after seeing that, and talking to District and DSA representatives, I was much more willing to issue a permit for the work.


when I showed up for a scheduled "on site" meeting at 730am, a meeting that "everyone" (pg&e, dsa, school and contractors)was supposed to attend, take a guess at who was there?!?!?


just little 'ol me.

crisis averted,apparently


typical "govment" work



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