ecodes and the Ipad

Just purchased an electronic copy of the 2010 CBC. It works on my home PC.

Asked ICC tech services if I could download the pdf to my ipad and unlock it and they said:

"The files do not work on an iPad because they are secured documents and
the built-in reader for the PDF does not work correctly. We apologize
for this inconvenience. It will work on a regular PC Laptop or Mac
Laptop as long as you have Adobe Reader. We are working on files and
software that will work on an iPad currently and don't know how long it
will be before this happens."

So much for being on the bleeding edge of technology.
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I agree.....if the building codes are not available for the Ipad, it will be a missed opportunity for ICC and for end users.

More and more, I see great Apps and Magazines going on the Ipad with great success. There are millions using the Ipad already and I don't know why the building codes are not available in that format yet... it's a shame.... but may be its in the works.

Security issues are baloney and can be worked around.The information can be in the clouds as long as the Ipad can access via subscription, etc.-- no need to download anything on the device...just consume the media over wi-fi or 3G.

Architects, Engineers, Code Officials and maybe inspectors (if they are careful handling in the field and not dropping-- ok forget the inspectors Big Grin ) can access the codes (text, interps, sketches, tables, etc.) from one device.

Maybe when ICC, NFPA and other see the $$$ potential, they will jump on board Razz
this is the answer from the ICC:

Unfortunately the license protection we use for our PDFs will not work on the iPad. Currently we do not have anything available for the iPad; however, it is being worked on and we hope to have the 2009 I-Codes and packages available around November 15th. These PDFs developed for the iPad will only work on the iPad. If you were to purchase the 2009 I-Codes Designer Collection on CD at this time, then you would need to purchase the PDFs for the iPad and they are two separate items and will only work on certain formats.
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