EV Charger off of exit sign circuit

A question came up about a Ev charger.  One of the owners in a multistory residential, in Los Angeles, wants to put a standard 110v outlet, to plug a car charger into.  This individual wants to put the outlet on the same circuit, and come off of the electrical from an illuminated exit sign.  I am assuming this is not allowed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is there emergency lighting with those signs?

■ No appliances or lamps, other than those specified for emergency use, are allowed on emergency lighting circuits. [CEC 700.15]....


Article 700 as emergency circuits, i.e., wired separately from all
normal-only circuits.....


2013 CBC 403.4.9.1 Emergency power loads. The following are classified as emergency power loads:
1. Exit signs and means of egress illumination
required by Chapter 10;........

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