Extent of 1-HR corridor for 1025.3


In the attached partial plan you can see I have provided a 1-HR corridor per CBC 1025.3, which requires a 1-HR corridor leading to an exit for 1/2 the occupants in an assembly space when the occupant load is over 300.

Per my plan here, am I correctly assuming that the exterior walls and openings can be non-rated where I've indicated? Distance to property lines are over 30', so no ratings are required per Table 602. Construction type is I-B.

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That's what I thought about the exterior ratings - thank you.

BTW, CBC 1025.3 does apply. This drawing is only a partial plan. We have over 300 occupants and none of the other means of egress from this space are an exit or lobby as described in 1025.3, so we're providing the 1-hr corridor. This requirement is in italics at the end of paragraph 1025.3, so I'm guessing it's a California amendment....may not have to deal with this in AZ?
You're in the wrong CBC. In the 2010 edition Section 1025.3 is the section for horizontal exits.

The section you're referring to in the 2010 edition is 1028.3. However, I don't see how this requires an exit--just a means of egress. Corridors in A occupancies that are sprinklered are permitted to be nonrated.

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