Your second opinion is highly appreciated, and thanks in advance. Building Description:

The building is three storied residential building and is equipped throughout with fire water sprinkler system.The following justification for not providing Fire Damper or Smoke Damper  at shaft penetrations for Toilet Exhaust Ducts, as because the toilet exhaust fans are located in ceiling of the toilet served and is provided with Back Draft Damper(BDD). The fan is connected to the lighting switch. The BDD shall be in closed position when fan is in off mode. See below snapshot of the layout.


 AS per the exceptions 1 & 2  under IBC 2009 section 716.5.3, Fire dampers  are not required when any of the four (1.1 to 1.4) conditions are met. However under exception 2, Smoke dampers shall be provided at Laundry and Kitchen exhaust duct  penetrations. Kindly confirm that my understanding is correct in this case.

Kindly provide your valuable suggestion for the above condition.







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