Family assistance resisdence for Salvation Army

A new family-assistance residence is proposed by the Salavation Army. The cover sheet indicates " Family Assistance Residence- Group Home- Dormitory. Capacity for 4 families (16 persons)."

It is one-story, wood-frame, 2780 sf in area and consists of: Four independent bedrooms with their own bathrooms; a House Parent Apartment (indpendent dwelling unit), a common living room and a kitchen, a case manager office and a childern's play area.

The 2001 CBC applies.


Q1) What would be the appropriate Occupancy Group Classification for this building? The plans state "R3".

Q2) Would accessibility be an issue for this building (common areas, bedroom/bathroom)? What CBC section(s) would apply?
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The area is full of ˜Ronald McDonald' houses that are all treated as single family dwellings. They usually do not have all the commercial elements (i.e. case manager office).

To start with congregate residences require 200 sq. ft. per occupant per Table 10-A so the maximum occupant load for the building is 14 including the case manager and the house parent.

Does the house parent apartment have its own kitchen? The building may be a duplex which is still R3.

The case manager office is its own can of worms. If the case manager is seeing the ˜general public' in the office it should be treated the same as any other commercial office.

I suspect that the Salvation Army receives some funding from a governmental agency at some level so I would suspect that the facility would be considered as publicly funded which requires accessibility.

Good design, regardless of the code, would dictate providing accessibility throughout the facility.

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A1) From the description, this would be a "Congregate Residence" accommodating more than 10 persons.... an "R1" occupancy. See CBC 310.1 and 204 (for definition).

A2) The office and common area would have to be accessible (CBC, chapter 11B). For the bedrooms and associated bathroom, a ratio would have to be made accessible (at least one). The bathroom of the unit would need to be made at least adaptable (CBC, chapter 11A provisions for the bathroom). I would not require access to the House Parent Dwelling unit.
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