Fire protect wood columns?

CBC 2007 section 714.2.1 calls out individual protection for structural members, which is easy when finding a UL application for steel but does not exist for wood. Anyone have any idea for a tested system for wood columns? We found one for wood beams.
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I need 1 hr. After some discussion within the office, it was discovered that it is allowed to wrap the 6x6 wood column with one layer 5/8" type 'x' gyp. wallbd., same as a 1 hr wall membrane. The other choice would be to apply an intumescent coating, but I think this is more expensive and requires special inspection during the application.
Any thoughts or comments?
Depending on the size of the column, it might be okay "as-is."

Take a look at Section 721.6.3 for calculated fire resistance of exposed wood members.

For example, if an 8x8 column is exposed on all four sides, is loaded to only 50% of its capacity, and has an (Ke)l/d less than or equal to 11, then it has a 1-hour rating:

Z = 1.50 [per Figure 721.6.3(1)]
d = 8 inches
b = 8 inches

(2.54)(1.50)(8)[3-(8/8)] = 60.96 minutes

If the column is only exposed on three sides, the time would be slightly higher (76.2 minutes).
Ron has it right.

Also consider the CAM method for calculating fire-resistive rating of an assembly. Here is more:

I'm also attaching the "Design of Fire-Resistive Exposed Wood Members" by the American Wood Council (AWC). It has information about wood beams and columns.

For an exhaustive reading about this subject, Technical Report 10, "CALCULATING THE FIRE RESISTANCE OF EXPOSED WOOD MEMBERS" by AF&PA is your best bet:


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