Fire-Rated Materials

Howdy; quick question:

Outside of gypsum board, what other types of wall/floor/roof frame covering materials are fire-rated?

Include inexpensive and expensive materials if you can, and I am looking more for spray-applicable materials, FYI.

Thanks up front, God Bless and Speed; Randy
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Materials are not fire-rated--assemblies are.

The code does provide means of calculating fire resistance by totaling the minutes associated with each component of an assembly, but each component is not individuallay tested and given a fire-resistance rating.
What about Firefighter clothing and equipment, kevlar, etc?

I am sure there are fire/heat-tested materials that are U.L. Lab-tested.

I am more interested in what assembly/installation/application techniques are used with these and other fire/heat tested materials to substrates, chicken-wire asphalt papers, etc; that's all.

Thanks for the response, Rlga_AZ, God Bless and Speed; Randy.
Hey, CDA; glad to meet you on this forum as well!!

Basically, I am reducing the amounts of normal building/structure frame and component movements from soils settlement, material aging/twisting, temperature changes, etc; that might allow for spray-on fire, thermal, water, etc; barrier types of solid coatings to vertical wall panels and pitched roofs.

Currently, Structural Engineering doesn't allow for vertical applications of rubberized insulations, fire retardents, and so on, because of the allowable "looseness" of rigid structural frames and systems.

Some walls and roofs can move, seasonally up to six inches, and that cannot hold together a solid coating of a rubberized/flexible material on the exterior sides of the frame/walls, as an underlayment or top-coating. Ever see 'Elastomeric' paints crack when the frame/plywood sheathing under the stucco moves?

As you may have read on the ICC Bulletin Board, I have developed some continuous reinforcing methods for rigid structure frames/bodies. These systems may be able to also reduce normal/allowable movements in the frames/bodies enough to be able to add a spray-on rubberized/flexible solid coating around the building exteriors, and I am just wondering what kinds of fire-resistant/retardent materials, spray-on or attachable, are currently available, tested, etc; if/when the Structural Designers Ok the applications of these types of materials in vertical/pitched-roof applications.

Thanks for the Q, God Bless and Speed; Randy
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