Locating an Electrical Transformer in Air Plenums. 2007 CMC, 2007 CEC

Are there any limitations for placing a 75 Kva dry transformer above the ceiling (in a space designed to be used as a PLENUM)? New building, type V-B construction.

The 2007 California Mechanical (2006 UMC) and Electrical (2005 NEC) Codes apply. Refer to Section 602.0 of the CMC and Section 300.22 and Article 450 of the NEC, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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The area above a suspended ceiling is not a duct or plenum. It is considered "other air handling space" in the NEC and the rules are not as strict.
This will be regulated by NEC 300.22(C)(2)
from the electrical side

Equipment. Electrical equipment with a metal enclosure, or with a nonmetallic enclosure listed for the use and having adequate fire-resistant and low-smoke-producing characteristics, and associated wiring material suitable for the ambient temperature shall be permitted to be installed in such other space unless prohibited elsewhere in this Code.

It might ultimately be up to the installer to convince the AHJ that the transformer was listed for the application. (particularly the "low smoke" part)
I don't see anything in the white book either way.
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