I have a proposed "mezzanine" that serves multiple rooms.  The rooms are not open to each other but connect with common corridor.  The mezzanine includes multiple enclosed rooms as well.  The mezzanine is open to below at some rooms, but enclosed at others (not fully open per CBC 505.2.3 but serves the room below).  The mezzanine has two means of egress.


Q1:  Would it be correct to combine the areas of the multiple rooms that the mezzanine serves when determining the 1/3 area limitation?


Q2:  Since the mezzanine includes multiple enclosed rooms, can it still be considered as a mezzanine or is it then considered to be a second story?

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Thank you STU_SLO.  I did look over the previous mezzanine post but my current project seems a bit more complicated.  The project is a movie theater (1st floor and upper level plans attached with proposed mezzanine highlighted).  I am waffling between 2nd story and mezzanine ... can't seem to wrap my brain around calling it a mezzanine.  


With a fresh cup of coffee to aid in my thoughts, I clearly see the acceptance of enclosing the rooms at the mezzanine level since exceptions can be applied.  However, I am still unclear about the fact that these spaces are open to multiple rooms at the first floor rather than the typical mezzanine which is located within only one room.  I have found various interpretations and discussions regarding multiple rooms at the mezzanine level, but not the other way around (except for not being able to use the area of enclosed rooms at the first floor for area determination).

If I am reading the plans correctly, I am not seeing where the upper floor actually extends into the theaters so I think it is a 2nd floor rather than a mezzanine.  Lets step back for a minute, does calling it a 2nd floor hurt you in anyway?  If not, problem solved.  

Considering this to be a 2nd story will affect the allowable area of the building.  Currently, the design does not allow for full frontage increase and reducing the sprinkler increase will affect the size of the main floor.  The project is II-A construction.  Looks like the designer will need to figure a way around this.

Thank you!

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