Must meet exterior residential stair requirements?

Question for the group. Looking at the site plan, you can see delineated in blue with the large white arrows, the primary path of travel to this modular singe family residence on a rather steep site. The second (yellow) line is a secondary means of entry to the residence. It is a meandering path that goes up quite a few steps to a landing, rest, contemplation area, and then on up to the home. As you can tell by the layout, the intent is more of an event, than a means of arrival.
The Questions are:
  • 1. Are handrails required?
  • 2. Are handrails required on BOTH sides?
  • 3. How would handrails work with the designers stair design?
  • 4. Any concerns with the curved stair connecting with a straight run before it meets the landing?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Time out. This is an R-3 use. What Code section would require that the front door must have a paved apth of travel?

If the curved path consisted of crushed gravel and there were no pavers, then would a handrail be required? of course not.

But, should a handrail be provided? If the deisgner says "this is a path" to access the house then the design should meet teh standrad practice of care and a handrail should be included. Whether the alternating pavers have to comply is also a question.

Just food for thought.

Chcuk Daleo
A stairway is a stairway be it interior or exterior. Used to be we didn't regulate much outside the house until the planners got involved and lawsuits happened. Current code doesn't discriminate on stairs by giving an exception in an R-3 occupancy group yard, if there is a stair built as part of the project, then it must comply.

In my backyard, I have a dirt trail to my small orchard. I then cut "steps" into teh dirt - is that a stairway? No?

I then place pavers in these same "steps" - is that now a stair?

I have a similar condition in teh slope up to my home. Is this one a stair that must comply because it provides a means of access to my home? If so, then waht about my steep driveway? Is that supposed to be regulated as a ramp?

How far do you want to impose regulations? Just more food for the thinking process.

Chuck daleo
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