NEC, Section 210.4(B)

2008 NEC, Section 210.4(B)

This is for the application for a 4 circuit modular furniture connection as is commonly used.

Does the 4th circuit with the separate neutral and hot conductor have to be disconnected along with the 3 remaining branch circuits which would commonly share the same neutral conductor?
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The answer appears to be within Section 210.4 (C).

Typically the loads in modular furniture are Line-to-neutral loads (Receptacles). 210.4, B refers two loads that are served by two circuits through one wiring device (Receptacle split in half with two line-to-line conductors and one neutral)

From: Davor Golik, Electrical Engineer
I believe the answer to the question is you need to simultanoiusly discconect all ungrounded conductors served by each neutral.
In his case there is a single line/neutral circuit that can use a single pole disconnect and another 3p multiwire circuit that will require a 3 pole disconnect. I don't know of a rule that would require a 4 pole disconnect.
The multi wire circuits first described do not make sense for normal single phase power. It is more common to have two 2 pole breakers for the four circuits when there are two neutrals. A bit more info on the situation will help understand the final configuration required by code.

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